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Thermal Imaging in Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Thermal Imaging in the Tristate Area

Lowering your energy consumption is a great way to save big on energy costs. However, achieving this isn’t always simple. Sure, switching to energy-saving systems and balancing your energy usage helps. Yet there are times when the building’s structure is preventing you from reaching your goal.

Cracks, holes, and other crevices are problematic areas that create air leaks. Air leaks are the most common culprits of imbalanced indoor temperature since they allow pleasant air to escape and unpleasant air to enter. They also force your HVAC systems to work twice as hard to heat or cool your property. If you notice that your energy bills are rising even after all your efforts, it’s a good time to contact Cool Times for help.

Cool Times is your reliable HVAC contractor in greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky – Tristate area. We offer excellent whole house evaluation services, which are designed to detect the root cause of your home’s energy inefficiency. We utilize an array of methods to do this, one of which is thermal imaging.

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal imaging is the process of spotting temperature irregularities by using infrared technology. Infrared videos and still cameras reveal light in the heat spectrum and record the variation on the exterior of the building. The gathered information helps auditors map out which areas need attention. It also tells us what energy saving solution is appropriate to rectify the inefficiency.

When a thermal imaging service is properly carried out, all the air leaks will be sealed. You can also expect to receive upgrades or repairs on the following systems to ensure that they won’t consume a lot of energy:

Keep Your Indoors Pleasant with Cool Times

Cool Times is ready to help you with all your energy saving problems. We’re a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating and have been serving the community for more than 10 years. We have the experience and the necessary equipment to help you consume less energy. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 513-456-4080 so we can schedule you today.

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